About CIS
Creative Industrial Solutions provides personalized, cost-effective facility and equipment maintenance solutions that allow you to maximize profits more than any other supplier can. CIS was formed to offer the service of a larger supplier with the 24/7 availability of a business partner. We guarantee to find a solution for your issue.

24-Hour Service, 7 Days a Week
Our experience with industrial parts and services has taught us that the only way to truly reduce interruptions is by being accessible. We’re available when none of our com­petitors are, with a promise to solve the problem that’s slowing or stopping your production, no matter what it takes.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
Green initiatives are incomplete unless they are equally propagated in the commercial and the household sector. Understanding this critical need, CIS goes even further than solutions to immediate problems with our proactive maintenance programs that recognize energy savings and or ‘green initiatives’. We can save you time and money in a variety of ways: fixed pricing on recurring purchases; consignment inventory for periodically used parts; parts replacement reminders; education and training for your staff; and, scheduled inspections to increase uptime.

More Than Just Product
CIS’s knowledgeable sales team serves as more than order takers, they work with our talented service providers to understand a client’s need. Whether you’re in food and beverage, healthcare, education or manufacturing, we devise a real solution in the shortest possible timeframe.

Cost-Oriented and Family-Owned
CIS is a minority-owned business with hard-working principals who are intimately involved. You can rest assured that we take service seriously because every dollar counts for us just as much as it does for you. And because our overhead is lower than most large distributors, our prices are extremely competitive.

The Personal Touch
At Creative Industrial Solutions, we consider our­selves a family of industrial, mechanical, fluid power and electrical specialists. We’re not a corporate giant with no-name customer service representatives or impersonal transactions. Most members of our team have over 20 years experience and strive to develop a personal relationship with every client.
Why Choose Us ?
CIS was formed, offering 24 hour service with a guarantee that all shipments company was satisfied. CIS provides personalized cost effective products and equipment solutions for your facility.
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